Missy Robertson

Missy Robertson continually sets a prime example of humility and consistent faith in her public and personal life. We first came to know Missy and the important role she plays in the Robertson family in their family reality show, Duck Dynasty. Duck Dynasty broke several ratings records on A&E and on cable television during their successful run that finished in 2017. Despite the increased publicity on her family, company and personal life, she has managed to become a strong voice for morality and virtue both locally and globally. Missy now spends a large amount of her time volunteering to give back to her community. She is heavily involved in missionary work, both domestically and internationally. In October 2015, she authored a book entitled, “Blessed, Blessed…Blessed“ chronicling her family’s journey of raising a child born with a cleft lip and palate. In early 2014, she co-authored The Women of Duck Commander with Miss Kay, and her sisters-in-law, in which they shared never-before-told stories about the Robertson family. In April 2016 Missy launched a new jewelry line, Laminin by Missy Robertson, providing jobs for women in the West Monroe area who are in need of work. This serves as a ministry to women coming out of hard situations and in need of assistance of finding a way to break into the workforce coming out of sex trafficking, homelessness, and struggling single mothers. Say it Forward with Missy Robertson.