Episode #

Fran Drescher

Today we welcome Fran Drescher, the multi talented actress, comedian, writer and activist you probably remember from her br...


Episode 58

Laura Wasser

Laura Wasser is a divorce lawyer in Los Angeles whose clients have included Stevie Wonder, Maria Shriver, Johnny Depp and H...


Episode 57

Dovi Frances

Dovi Frances is an international financier, entrepreneur and founding partner of SGVC, a venture capital firm based in Los ...


Episode 56

Mike Medavoy

Mike Medavoy was co-founder of Orion Pictures, chairman of TriStar Pictures, head of production for United Artists and is t...


Episode 55

John Wirth

Meet television writer, producer and show runner, John Wirth. He struggled throughout his tough early years while harboring...


Episode 54

Michael Kassan

Entertainment media executive Michael Kassan is the founder, Chairman and CEO of Media Link, a leading global strategic adv...


Episode 53

Kim McCarty

Artist Kim McCarty has lived her extraordinary life at the center of the California Art scene. Her compelling, fluid figure...


Episode 52

Clint Carnell

Clint Carnell has served as Chief Executive Officer for The HydraFacial Company since December 2016, bringing a broad and d...


Episode 51

Lili Gross & Susan Cohen

Sisters Lili Gross and Susan Cohen reveal an extraordinary, family life story of a marital secret that was withheld from th...


Episode 50

Andy Schuon

Andy Schuon is a trailblazing media and entertainment executive with a career that spans radio, music, television and digit...