Episode 45

Laura Wilson

Self-made Fitness guru, Laura Wilson succeeded against all odds. She began life in rural, communist Romania. She had the di...


Episode 44

Paul Ollinger

Rebecca and Kim sit down with nationally-touring stand-up comedian, Ivy League MBA and former Facebook sales leader, Paul O...


Episode 43

Matt Pohlson

Matthew Pohlson is founder of Omaze, a cause marketplace that raises money and awareness for charity, offering chances to w...


Episode 42

Tony & Lauren Dungy

Tony Dungy became the first African-American head coach to win a Super Bowl in 2007 when he brought the Indianapolis Colts ...


Episode 41

Caylin Moore

Rebecca and Kim sit down with Author, motivator, and Rhodes Scholar Caylin Moore. Moore shares his story of perseverance an...


Episode 40

Rob Cavallo

Rebecca and Lee Ann sit down with Grammy Award winner, super producer, musician, and record executive Rob Cavallo. Rob has ...


Episode 39

Daisy Lang

Rebecca and Lee Ann talk with former Women’s World Boxing Champion, martial artist & pioneer of women’s box...


Episode 38

Lisa Lampanelli

Rebecca sits down for an intimate chat with stand-up comedian and now life coach Lisa Lampanelli. Lisa shares how she was i...


Episode 37

Brian Banks

Rebecca and Lee Ann sit down for an intimate chat with Brian Banks. An all-American high school football star who found his...


Episode 36

Bob Emmer

Rebecca, Lee Ann and Kim chat with COO & co-founder of The Shout Factory, Bob Emmer. Bob talks about his early break in...