Episode #

Dr. Ava Shamban

Rebecca and Lee Ann talk with dermatologist and researcher, Dr. Ava Shamban. Known for her expert work on TV’s Extreme Ma...



Gerry Casale pt. 2

Rebecca and Lee Ann continue their amazing interview with DEVO co-founder Gerry Casale. Learn how Gerry’s world travels a...


Episode 25

Gerry Casale pt. 1

DEVO co-founder and music pioneer Gerry Casale joins the team to talk about his incredible career which has spanned more th...


Episode 24

Adrienne Gary

In this episode of Say It Forward Rebecca and Lee Ann are joined by entertainment executive Adrienne Gary. Adrienne talks a...


Episode 23

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone chats with Rebecca and Lee Ann about the difficulties of her Golden Globe winning/Oscar nominated performance ...


Episode 22

Matt Gohd

Matt Gohd, financial strategist and chief executive of Families versus Assault Rifle’s Political Action Committee joi...


Episode 21

Nigel Sinclair

Award-winning executive producer Nigel Sinclair’s Hollywood film collaborations include George Clooney’s Oscar-...


Episode 20

Anat Baron

Canadian business leader Anat Baron’s energizing presence and impressive track record as an entrepreneur, filmmaker a...


Episode 19

Marcus Capone

Marcus Capone is cyber security expert and former member of the elite Navy Seals. His journey takes us from his college foo...


Episode 18

William H. Macy

You know American Actor William H. Macy as Frank Gallagher on Showtimes’s Shameless or perhaps as Jerry Lundegaard in...