Rebecca Rothstein on Finding Mastery Podcast with Michael Gervais

This week’s conversation is with Rebecca Rothstein, a private wealth advisor focused on helping high-net-worth individuals, families and institutions pursue their financial goals through wealth management, tax minimization strategies and legacy planning services. In 2017, Forbes named Rebecca one of “America’s Top Wealth Advisors” and this year recognized her as the #1 “Top Women’s Wealth Advisor.” What stands out in this conversation is while Rebecca’s area of expertise may appear on the surface to be wealth management, her true gift is her ability to build relationships with her clients, her team, and her family. One of Rebecca’s key indicators for success is maintaining a high retention rate — which she has. When I asked her why her client retention was so high, it of course came down to quality relationships: her ability to listen, communicate, and develop trust with her clients. In Rebecca’s words, “The most important thing that you learn when you’re taking on someone’s money, is that you have to make them explain to you what their point of view is and not give them your point of view.” I think you’ll notice some parallels between Rebecca’s relationship-oriented approach to business and successful coaches that have previously come on the podcast such as Pete Carroll, Luke Walton, and Shaka Smart. “Mastery is about patience, perseverance and leaving ego at the door.” CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE PODCAST EPISODE